McClymont Selected as 2022 PCDC President’s Priceless Pick

McClymont Selected as 2022 PCDC President’s Priceless Pick Main Photo

13 Mar 2023

Awards and Recognition

Sherry McClymont has been selected as the Phelps County Development Corporation’s 2022 President’s Priceless Pick.

The award is given annually to someone who has gone above and beyond the call of duty in economic development.

PCDC Board President Phil Hinrichs selected McClymont for her work in championing a campaign to improve the appearance and livability of the community.

“Sherry and a like-minded band have championed a drive to eliminate vacant commercial buildings and houses,” Hinrichs said. “She’s also leading an effort to create a new downtown sculpture garden and performance space.”

In 2022, McClymont gathered a group of individuals to volunteer their time to clean up dilapidated homes in Holdrege to improve the appearance of the community. The group members also attended Holdrege City Council meetings in efforts to encourage a partnership with the city in cleaning up the town. Their efforts have resulted in a new vacant building registry in Holdrege. The group has also volunteered their time to clean up properties for those who cannot do the work themselves.

In past years, McClymont has purchased Holdrege homes that needed repair and “saved” them to create modern and inviting homes for new or existing residents.

Also in 2022, McClymont formed a group that is working to create a new Midtown Sculpture Garden in downtown Holdrege. The new space will take the place of a dilapidated building at 710 W. Fourth Avenue.  The garden will feature an open concrete space with juniper and shade trees, benches, bronze sculptures and a mural of the wide-open skies of Nebraska. It will be a space that invites residents and visitors to mingle and enjoy art and downtown Holdrege.

“Sherry McClymont is the perfect example of a citizen taking ownership of a challenge and not taking no for an answer,” Hinrichs said.

McClymont was surprised by the award and said she loves being part of the Holdrege community.

“I love living in a ‘flyover’ state where we know how good life is here and it’s OK if everyone elsewhere doesn’t feel that way,” McClymont said. “The community grows and changes, but the most important part of Holdrege is the people. I want to be part of showing how much we care about each other, now and into the future, whatever that may be.”