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Atlanta, Nebraska

Some people like to live in town. They like their neighbors close enough to chat with over the fence and the Post Office close enough to walk to. Other people like to live in the country, with a view out the window to big sky and wide open spaces and maybe the glimpse of a grazing horse. Learn More

Bertrand, Nebraska

If you want to see everyone in Bertrand at the same time, go to the high school football game. And if you want to see everyone — or nearly everyone — who ever graduated from Bertrand High, come to the annual Bertrand Days fair, parade and professional rodeo held every year in June. Learn More

Funk, Nebraska

The people of Funk have heard them all before, so when you do your best Austin Powers and shout, “Funk-a-delic, Baby!” they just smile and nod. Actually, they say, you grow a thick skin about having a quirky town name, especially after “Funk” starts to sound like “home." Learn More

Holdrege, Nebraska

The idealized version of a Midwestern small town might contain wide streets lined with big trees, houses with comfortable porches, kids on bikes and the sound of church bells on Sunday mornings. Learn More

Loomis, Nebraska

Talk about proud of their town, you get a bunch of Loomis boosters together and the enthusiasm goes through the roof. “I know,” exclaims one, “let's call it the ‘Undiscovered Gem of Phelps County’.” Learn More