Just the Place...

to start a career, raise a family, get involved, and even retire.

It’s hard to describe life in a place like Phelps County to someone who’s never sat on a front porch in the gathering dusk, had a hot dish at a church potluck or gazed at a night sky crazy with stars. Phelps County is smack in the middle of high plains farm country. It is archetypically Midwestern, but with a modern edge. So on the one hand you get friendly, hardworking neighbors, but you also get high-speed — even fiber-optic — Internet access, a new YMCA, and a modern performing arts center.

Phelps County has good schools, great churches, up-to-date healthcare, lots of resources for youth and seniors, a whole raft of clubs and organizations, and plenty of things to do.

We have jobs and housing for people who might want to come here, and if you might want to start up a business, we definitely want to talk to you.

To get a better sense of what life is like in Phelps County, read about Phelps County along with the profiles of Holdrege, the county seat, and the villages of Bertrand, Loomis, Funk and Atlanta. Better still, why not come and visit and see for yourself why we say Phelps County is “just the place to call home.”