Phelps County is a Great Place for Small Business, a Fantastic Place to Shop Local

Phelps County is a Great Place for Small Business, a Fantastic Place to Shop Local Main Photo

23 Nov 2022


Small business thrives in Phelps County because the environment is right for success. Just ask local merchant Erin Sandy, owner of The 308 Boutique.

“The Holdrege community, along with Phelps County Development Corporation (PCDC) and The Chamber, have been my company's backbone,” said Sandy. “They have provided the continued support which has helped grow our small business beyond the county and state lines.”

In 2020, The 308 Boutique received the newly initiated Digital Development Grant. PCDC released the grant as part of its GO! Business Programs to assist businesses with their online presence. While it was created to respond to the in-person closings forced by the pandemic, the grant remains in PCDC’s incentives toolbox.

While Sandy launched her website in October of 2017, she used the Digital Development Grant to complete some long-planned upgrades to make her online presence shine even brighter, including upgrading SEO.

“Online has truly changed our business through Covid, with the focus moving to the website and launching our app,” said Sandy. “We continue to sell LIVE twice a week, trying on every single piece for our viewers. It has essentially become a live website, making online shopping so much easier for the ladies who aren't able to come into the stores. And our FREE shipping is always welcomed!” The 308 Boutique’s app can be downloaded for free:

But the boutique’s expansion goes beyond e-commerce. “Our pop-up in Aksarben Village in Omaha has been an exciting opportunity!” said Sandy. “Life — and business — is all about networking, and I was able to meet the developer as I walked out of a PCDC meeting back in July. Three months later, we signed a 6-month lease. Only because of a fantastic team, including Holdrege native and store manager Jordyn Hilyard, were we able to put a store together in a matter of three weeks! It’s a new market, and it’s always a challenge to get the word out, but awareness grows by the day.” 

The 308 Boutique is a prime example of why shopping local is not only good for the economy; it’s good fun. There’s something special about shopping at a hometown store where the owners greet you by name, swap stories with you, and ask about the kids. The 308 Boutique even has stylists to help you pull the perfect outfit together.

The 308 Boutique“We are the queens of RETAILTAINMENT, so this year we're inviting all to come aboard The 308 Express as we shop our way through the holidays,” said Sandy. “With over 12 events leading up to the New Year, we are giving away over $1500 in gift baskets between our THREE locations with promos and so much fun along the way.”

“Come check us out this Holiday Season!” encouraged Sandy. “Let our stylists help outfit you head to toe or check off that endless list of gifts needed. We carry apparel, accessories, and gifts. Available sizes range from XS-XL in tops and dresses and 0-16 in bottoms. We have three premium lines of denim that will become your faves!”

Shop small, shop local this holiday season! You’ll not only help small business owners who are likely your neighbors, but you’ll also keep tax revenue and jobs in Phelps County. The funds are used to fix streets, provide upkeep, and support day-to-day operations.

National statistics show that for every dollar spent at a small business, 67 cents stays within the local economy. Furthermore, according to the Small Business Economic Impact Study from American Express, every dollar spent at small businesses creates an additional 50 cents in local business activity due to employee spending and businesses purchasing local goods and services. It’s worth mentioning local business owners are often the ones who support local youth sports teams, charities, and events.

Visit The 308 Boutique

Holdrege Location:
320 West Avenue
Holdrege, NE 68949
(308) 999-9020 

Elkhorn Location:
725 N. 210th Street, Ste 130
Elkhorn, NE 68022
(531) 721-2600

Aksarben Village pop-up:
1917 S. 67th St, Ste 145 
Omaha, NE 68106
(531) 710-4467

Let Phelps County Development Corporation Assist You

PCDC’s GO! Business Programs are an essential resource for local businesses. Beyond the Digital Development Grant, there’s help for franchise development, start-ups, building improvements, and more. Check out the long list of programs today!

Contact PCDC at (308) 995-4148 or for further assistance. To explore “Why Phelps,” download the community guide.

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