Phelps County: See Why Nebraska Ranks in Top Ten for Business, Livability, and Crypto Economy

Phelps County: See Why Nebraska Ranks in Top Ten for Business, Livability, and Crypto Economy Main Photo

15 Aug 2022


The Good Life is Calling website hits the nail on the head, defining Nebraska as “small towns with big purpose, hustle with happiness.”  It’s a sentiment that describes Phelps County and the data behind the high marks Nebraska earned in CNBC’s recent rankings: #7 Top State for Business, #1 Leading America in Creating a Crypto Economy, and #7 Best Places to Live.

Nebraska: Superior Cost of Doing Business

Nebraska has ranked as one of America’s Top 10 States for Business year-in and year-out, and CNBC is just one more analysis to continue the trend for 2022. Nebraska combines affordability with opportunity and an environment primed for growth. The cost of doing business in Nebraska — a right-to-work state — is 8 percent below the national average.

Nebraska has earned a reputation for its skilled, dedicated labor force — WalletHub named it the #3 Hardest Working State. Much credit goes to having one of the best educational systems in the nation. U.S. News and World Report ranked Nebraska #9 in the country overall for education. It also has one of the nation’s lowest unemployment rates.

Phelps County is the best of Nebraska. Phelps County Economic Development Corporation (PCDC) builds on all of Nebraska’s advantages to pave the way to success. Site Selection Magazine named Phelps County a “Top Rural County 2020.” Six total projects topping $119.6 million in capital expenditure and translating into 147 jobs earned the County this ranking.

PCDC offers extensive incentives for businesses. To date, in 2022, PCDC has awarded six GO! DREAM grants to Phelps County businesses. The grants are helping businesses expand, offer new services, and create more downtown housing as part of PCDC’s efforts to support existing businesses and GROW 37. PCDC also offers other incentives and grants for workforce development and retention, employee relocation, and local development.

Nebraska: Energy Benefits for the Crypto Economy and Beyond

CNBC ranked Nebraska #1 for leading America in creating a crypto economy because of its exceptional energy resources and the establishment of its own bank charter regime last year to cultivate crypto banking.

Nearly every state in the U.S. has a public power utility, but Nebraska is the only state served 100 percent by publicly-owned utilities, which translates into superior reliability and affordable costs. Nebraskans pay some of the lowest electric rates in the nation year after year because not-for-profit, cost-of-service-based rates mean prices include only the cost of generating and delivering power. Furthermore, 20 percent of Nebraska’s power is from renewable sources.

Nebraska: The Good Life is Calling

CNBC ranked Nebraska #7 for best places to live for a multitude of reasons, including some of the cleanest air in the nation and lower than the national average costs for housing, utilities, transportation, and healthcare. In Nebraska, almost 50 percent of households earn between $35,000 and $100,000, making it one of the best states for the middle class. PCDC has grants to help families relocate to Phelps County to enjoy wish-list benefits like short commutes, fresh air, and a sense of community. PCDC’s High Demand Job Scholarships work to create a homegrown workforce while helping students achieve their college ambitions.

Importantly in this day and age, Nebraska boasts abundant state-of-the-art healthcare and lower-than-average medical bills. In Phelps County, Phelps Memorial Health Center (PMHC) is a shining star, especially considering many rural communities are losing doctors, hospitals, and health care resources. The local health care industry is the third-largest employer in Phelps County and adds $103 million to the local economy each year. PMHC, with a recent 42,000-square-foot expansion, continues to add new services, doctors, and patients to function as one of the county's significant drivers of economic growth. Holdrege recently saw a $2 million expansion of its VA clinic.

Assistance for Making Phelps County Home

Whether you need assistance relocating your family or business to Phelps County, PCDC has the tools, information, and skills to help. PCDC can assist with housing and project advocacy, including permitting, timely utilities, and financial assistance. Contact PCDC at (308) 995-4148 or today. To further explore “Why Phelps,” download the community guide.

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