Propelling Nebraska's Economy Forward

28 Oct 2021


Nebraska women propel the state’s economic development and leadership forward

From the Missouri River to the Colorado border, the state of Nebraska has become a thriving place for entrepreneurs and women leaders. In terms of work ethic and workforce participation, Nebraska ranks among the highest states in the country. According to the Nebraska Workforce Viability, Nebraska ranks sixth for female participation and tenth for minority participation in the workforce. Three women-- Carley Bruning, Melissa Garcia, and Tara Lea-- are leading Nebraska's growth and community enrichment across the state while at the university level, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is mentoring young women to be leaders in the community and their chosen professional fields.

Carley Bruning - Hebron, Nebraska (Previously from from Holdrege and worked at the Phelps County Development Corporation)

From coaching college sports teams to now coaching entrepreneurs, Carley Bruning has been able to guide many individuals of Thayer county to success in their business endeavors.

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