Job Opportunities Abound as BD Seeks 70 New Employees

Job Opportunities Abound as BD Seeks 70 New Employees Main Photo

23 Jun 2021


Holdrege’s largest employer is about to become even larger.

BD Holdrege has hired 130 employees in the last six months and plans to hire up to 70 more new employees by the end of 2021 boosting its total employment to about 710 associates.

The company’s local growth is fueled by the need for vaccine syringes due to COVID-19 vaccinations and the continued demand for BD’s regular diabetes care products.

Last summer, BD selected the Holdrege manufacturing site as the location to add new manufacturing lines to meet the growing demand for vaccination syringes.

“The vaccine syringe lines have created a significant number of new positions,” said BD Plant Manager Stuart Rogers. “We have also seen an increase in demand for our legacy products and needed to recruit to meet this demand.”

Currently, BD has just over 30 positions open that include mechanics and electronic control technicians; and project, process and quality engineers.

“We anticipate the need to fill approximately 30-40 more roles by the end of the calendar year,” Rogers said.

The open positions are on a variety of shifts. For operators, mechanics and technicians, the jobs are primarily 12-hour day and night shifts. BD is also hiring for dedicated weekend shift positions. The company also has openings for 8-hour day, afternoon and night shifts. Engineering positions are day shift but do require occasional support at night and during the weekends.

BD is currently offering hiring bonuses in Holdrege up to $2,000 for all hourly associates. All shifts other than 8-hour day shifts have a shift differential added to the base wage ranging from 1 percent to 15 percent. Hourly operators receive pay increases over the first 12–18 months as they complete training.

All jobs, including part-time weekend shifts, have full benefits including medical, dental, life insurance, 401K, retirement, paid time off and more.

“Beyond great pay and benefits; we offer an air-conditioned, clean working environment and the opportunity to have a personal impact in ‘Advancing the World of Health,’” Rogers said. “Holdrege remains the largest producer of insulin syringes in the world.”

Rogers said the company’s biggest challenge to hiring has been the local economy.

“As the economy in the area has become stronger, there is more competition for good employees across the region,” he said. “Technically trained and/or candidates with specialized degrees are sometimes difficult to find. There are simply more opportunities than trained candidates.”

BD Holdrege offers several programs to help develop and train future employees, including apprenticeships, special training and education assistance.

Many of the operator roles at BD require only a high school diploma. However, the technical roles typically require a combination of formal qualification and experience or a two-year degree in the related field. Engineering roles require four-year degrees in science or engineering or alternative degrees linked with strong experience in similar roles.

BD will continue its increased hiring through the end of 2021, and Rogers said 2022 will likely bring even more opportunities as BD makes major changes to the Holdrege plant with the addition of a new “spin-off” company.

BD announced in May that it will take the company’s Diabetes Care business and turn it into its own independent, publicly-traded company.

PCDC has helped with BD’s efforts to recruit employees by asking NPPD to conduct a labor analysis and then creating a marketing campaign based on those results.

PCDC’s marketing campaign targeted communities where people live with the same kinds of skills needed at BD and Allmand Inc., which also has several openings currently available.

“What we are trying to do is build awareness that Holdrege is a place of opportunity,” PCDC Executive Director Ron Tillery said.

Rogers said BD is grateful for the partnership with PCDC.

“As always, PCDC provides excellent help promoting Holdrege as a great place to live and work,” Rogers said. “Their activities play an important role in driving the ongoing success of the city and BD Holdrege. The recent focus on housing in the area and other community infrastructure has helped us attract and retain associates from outside the area.”

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