Leadership Nebraska: A Program for the Leaders

Leadership Nebraska: A Program for the Leaders Main Photo

8 Jul 2019

Leadership Nebraska is a program teaching community leaders about opportunities available throughout the state. Leadership Nebraska is a program that was created by the Nebraska State Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The program was founded in 2006, with the mission to enhance leadership skills and educate people on how to handle challenges, as well as how to take advantage of opportunities that the state has to offer. The goal of the Leadership Nebraska program is to educate leaders of communities within Nebraska to better equip them with the knowledge of how to develop solutions to serve their communities. If you are someone who wants to help better serve Nebraska and your community this program could be highly beneficial to you!

The program consists of six two-day interactive sessions. These sessions are held over several months, making it easy to participate in the program. The sessions consist of several sessions where participants tour successful companies throughout the state while also being educated on how these businesses contribute to Nebraska’s economy. Leadership Nebraska participants tour influential businesses like the University of Nebraska Medical Center, The Offutt Air Force Base, Cargill, and much more.

Over the nine-month period, participants learn about critical issues in the areas of economic development, workforce development and education, agriculture and environment, health and human services, and government and politics, within the state of Nebraska. Economic development is an area that people can use to help strengthen their local community’s economy. Workforce development is a great tool that can be utilized to ensure the businesses have skilled workers with lower rates of turnover and a higher employment rate. Education is a big part of workforce development and training, which is why the program looks at how workers are trained for the workforce within the community. Agriculture is one of the biggest industries in Nebraska, making it a huge part of the state’s economy. The program also focuses on the health and human services industry. Lastly, the program educates the attendees on the government and its policies.

Politics and law are another covered topic and very important when helping local communities. The program provides participants with the opportunity to learn from top government officials within the state. For example, there is one session specifically targeted toward policymaking in Nebraska. This session includes a trip to the state capitol where participants are allowed to tour the building and talk with officials. Education regarding the governmental process in the state is aimed to help participants better understand the policies and processes that are in place.

The Leadership Nebraska program costs a flat fee of $2,750. This fee must be paid by the month before the orientation date. Meals and lodging are included in this package. But attendees are expected to pay their own travel costs for getting to each site during each session. If participants are struggling financially and cannot pay for their travel costs financial assistance may be available. People can sign up for the program themselves or be nominated by someone to participate. Application forms can be submitted from January of the first of the year through mid-April.

Leadership Nebraska is aimed at helping participants by educating them on key areas that can be influential to a community or a business’s success! If this is something you are interested in, please contact Carley Bruning at carley@phelpscountyne.com to learn more about this highly interactive educational program. Let’s help Nebraska’s communities succeed!