PCDC Helps Local Building Owners with New Landfill Grants

26 Jun 2017

When local business owners who are trying to make improvements run into roadblocks, PCDC tries to find ways to remove those barriers.

That’s what spurred the creation of a new grant to help pay landfill fees associated with gutting and renovating a building.

Former PCDC Project Coordinator Alli Donohue said they noticed a trend when local business owners repeatedly made requests at Holdrege City Council meetings for the city to waive landfill fees to help reduce the costs associated with renovating buildings.

The city was unable to grant those requests, so PCDC stepped in.

Donohue said any business owner who is renovating a downtown building in any Phelps County community is eligible for the $500 landfill fee grant. The funds would only be available for buildings that will be gutted and renovated for commercial purposes (cleaning out a storage building would not qualify.)

“It’s a small way we can help them expedite the great projects that have significant impact to the availability of commercial spaces,” Donohue said.

Applicants for the landfill grant must save all landfill receipts and are reimbursed after fees are paid.

Interested applicants are encouraged to become part of PCDC’s building improvement program and may apply for the grant by contacting PCDC at (308) 995-4148 or ron@phelpscountyne.com.