PCDC’s new business and industry park has a new name that highlights the community’s strength and work ethic.

1 Nov 2015

Phelps County’s Business & Industry Park has a new name.


After months of brainstorming, discussion and surveys both in and outside of Phelps County, the name Iron Horse Business and Industry Park rose to the top.


The Phelps County Development Corporation Board approved the name at its September meeting and will soon begin promoting the new name to attract businesses to the 134-acre parcel west of Holdrege.


Iron Horse Depot is the name of Holdrege’s train station, and the name Iron Horse has been used in the past to describe steam locomotives. The name highlights one of the business and industry park’s key features – rail service right on the property.


Industry Recruitment Committee Chairman Doug Stevenson said he likes the Iron Horse name because of the tie to the railroad.


“We have the NKCR Rail Line that runs right along the south side of the site. We have the BNSF main line within a half mile of the site and the history of the railroad taming the west,” Stevenson said. “This name brings all types of visions and logos -- community resilience, strength, and work ethic – kind of describes our community to a ‘T’.”


“The difference between good and great is the details, small things no one else wants to do,” Stevenson said. “We have a great community, a blue-collar group that just gets things done. We roll up our sleeves and make it happen. We are building our community – the same as the great Iron Horse locomotives built a nation.”


PCDC’s Industry Recruitment Committee narrowed down a long list of potential names into these four options: Prairie Place Business & Industry Park, Prosperity Park for Business & Industry, Iron Horse Business & Industry Park and Phelps County Business & Industry Park.


Those four names were vetted among Phelps County residents and among those in the manufacturing and logistics industry through surveys and conversations.


Survey respondents were asked to rate the potential names on qualities such as whether it rolls off the tongue easily, logo and business card possibilities, whether it inspires confidence or if it’s a strong name.


“You can imagine the comments we got – both sarcastic and helpful,” Stevenson said. “When you’re from this area – what you feel is obvious to anyone – is completely different to someone in a different area or state.”


Among surveys distributed outside Phelps County, the name Iron Horse was the clear winner. It generated comments such as “Iron Horse amplifies workmanship and industry” and “Iron Horse is a strong image.”


Stevenson said it’s important to have a name for the park that will stand out or make someone remember it, and he said Iron Horse fits the bill.


“It’s unique, it’s something that will be remembered, it is easy to say and talk about.”


Stevenson said the next step is to post signs on the property and design a logo to enhance the marketing that is already being done.


“Then, all we need to do is get a prospect to come and see all that we have to offer – transportation (rail and highway), infrastructure (utilities are close and ready to install), community – look at all we have to offer: the people, education system second to none, a health facility second to none, the YMCA, the highway improvements. All they have to decide is if they want to be part of our community.”