PCDC Concludes Digital Development Grant Program

PCDC Concludes Digital Development Grant Program Main Photo

21 Mar 2024

A popular Phelps County Development Corporation grant program has been successful in helping 82 businesses in the past four years and will now be concluded.

PCDC’s Digital Marketing Support Grants offered $1,000 grants to help Phelps County business owners establish or improve their online presence or digital marketing efforts. The program started in 2020 in response to challenges posed to retail businesses by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Today, Holdrege and Phelps County are on solid footing with retail sales growing as well as diversifying,” PCDC Executive Director Ron Tillery said. “Consequently, effective immediately, Digital Marketing Support Grants will be suspended as a stand-alone program. The grants will still be available as part of PCDC's Business & Franchise Development portfolio of assistance.”

The Business & Franchise Development Program offers grants for facility build-out, remodeling or initial rent up to $5,000; initial inventory; permit or landfill fees for construction; employee training, research and site selection services; and low-interest gap financing.

Tillery said in the four years that the digital marketing grants were offered as stand-alone grants, 82 businesses improved their online and digital performance with more than $48,000 in PCDC grants. So far in 2024, 22 digital development grants have already been approved.

“Coupled with PCDC's matching gift certificate program, total COVID assistance to businesses exceeded $250,000,” Tillery said. “The Phelps County economy was stabilized with no business closures as a result of the pandemic.”

For more information about PCDC grants, visit phelpscountyne.com/business-services.