Entrepreneurs Bring Immeasurable Value to Phelps County

Entrepreneurs Bring Immeasurable Value to Phelps County Main Photo

8 Dec 2023


Entrepreneurs are innovative problem solvers and the backbone of the U.S. economy, employing nearly 62 million Americans, almost half of private sector employees in the country. The Phelps County Development Corporation (PCDC) understands their importance in Phelps County and joins the community to celebrate these valuable leaders. This local contingent of innovative individuals deserves recognition for the tireless and consistent efforts of small business innovators nationwide. 

Entrepreneurs are problem solvers and solution providers. Today, while electric cars have become more prevalent on streets throughout the country, their lineage stretches back to several innovators more than 100 years ago. Karl Benz created the first car to transport people from one location to another more quickly than walking or via horses. Decades later, in the face of increasing automobile demand, Henry Ford applied the assembly line to manufacture multiple cars simultaneously. These two entrepreneurs, and countless others, have led a steady path of progress to make our society what it is today.

Phelps County Recognizes New Businesses and Entrepreneurs

The holiday season is the perfect time to welcome and celebrate the enterprising entrepreneurs who have opened or will be opening a Phelps County business. We welcome them with open arms and thank them for choosing our region!

Our entrepreneurs are not only risk-takers but also community leaders whose innovative ideas make Phelps County known as a place where economic growth is fostered! If you’d like to open, relocate, or expand your business in Phelps County, please contact PCDC for details. The conversation today could be the beginning of your tomorrow. 

Ways to Celebrate Entrepreneurs

As natural problem-solvers, entrepreneurs are job drivers, economy stabilizers, and family builders. When an entrepreneur gets their business off the ground, they hire employees. Employees take those wages into their homes to provide for their families and into communities to purchase necessary and desirable goods and services. 

To celebrate them this month and beyond, here are some ways consumers and customers can say, “Thank you” to the entrepreneurs in Phelps County: 

  • Purchase something from your favorite entrepreneur or from one you haven’t shopped with before
  • Volunteer your time and assistance
  • Consider a service-based entrepreneur and schedule an appointment
  • Leave a review on their social media
  • Share love by posting a review on your personal social media
  • Follow entrepreneurs’ social media pages and interact with them

Ways Phelps County entrepreneurs can support fellow entrepreneurs: 

  • Support local crowdfunding websites
  • Mentor a new entrepreneur
  • Start or attend monthly Entrepreneur Only networking meetings
  • Volunteer teaching small business basics at the local Chamber of Commerce
  • Remind others to be thankful for the journey you are on together

Celebrate the innovation, creativity, problem-solving, courage, and change entrepreneurs bring to Phelps County! If you were wondering when is a good time to start your own entrepreneurial experience, the time is now. Contact PCDC for assistance; we’re here for you!