Developers Invited to Build Homes in New CREW Subdivision

Developers Invited to Build Homes in New CREW Subdivision Main Photo

23 Sep 2020

PCDC is seeking contractors and/or developers to build homes in Holdrege’s new CREW Subdivision to meet the market’s demand for work-force housing.

A 2017 Phelps County housing study identified a need for 86 new owner-occupied living units in Holdrege, and only a handful have been built since then.

“There is tremendous demand for affordable family homes,” PCDC Executive Director Ron Tillery said. “If we can build more homes, Holdrege will also be in a better position to capture a portion of the large commuter population who work here but live elsewhere.”

Infrastructure work is mostly complete in the new subdivision, which is already home to several renters. Mesner Development purchased half of the lots in the subdivision and began work on rental duplexes in the spring of 2020. Mesner’s goal is to have 10 duplexes completed by the end of this year, and three townhomes completed by the end of May 2021.

PCDC purchased 19 lots in the CREW subdivision with the goal of encouraging the construction of owner-occupied homes for working families.

“The market's sweet spot is also the hardest sector to serve,” Tillery said. “Homes for working families under $275,000 are a challenge, which is why PCDC is willing to take the infrastructure development risk as an encouragement to home builders.”

Tillery said preference will be given to contractors or developers who want to develop multiple lots. Lot costs are negotiable, but the final home price must be below $275,000.

“With the infrastructure already in place, PCDC can convey empty lots that are shovel ready at rock-bottom prices, which is one of the toughest barriers in front of housing developers,” Tillery said.

Developers or contractors interested in purchasing lots should contact Tillery at or (308) 995-4148.