Bruce Furniture & Floor Covering

Business Category: Contractors, Builders Bureau

In June of 1968, at 15 years of age, I pedaled my two-wheel vehicle towards the furniture store in my small home town. Little did I know that first day on the job would open my eyes to a lifelong career of helping people have a more comfortable and beautiful home.

From the first task that morning of sweeping the front sidewalk, I set my sights on having my own furniture business. I spent five years of summers and Saturdays at that store. I wore just about every hat available during that time and am forever grateful for the opportunity.

My studies at UNL in business and marketing in the early 70's always included part-time work. These were interesting positions, but my focus was still on being in the retail furniture business. After four years, they gave me a piece of paper (also known as a diploma) which said, “You have the ability to learn. Now go do something with it!"

Along with graduating in May of 1974, I was married to someone who has since endured many years of being the bosses wife and my sounding board … all while running a household, raising three boys, and working part-time herself. Donna has been a life and business partner second to none!

July of 1974 found us in Iowa beginning a three-year stint in the wholesale marketing division with a large corporation. This position provided me with access to successful retail store owners across the country. I asked questions, studied their operations, and logged this information for future use in my furniture business.