Helping Grow Opportunities in Phelps County

Helping Grow Opportunities in Phelps County

GO! BUSINESS: Help for every stage of small business. Click Here

  • Digital Marketing Support Program
  • Business & Franchise Development Program
  • Steps to Start Up Program
  • Next Step Loan Program
  • Legacy Business Loan Program
  • Building Exterior Impact Grant

GO! DREAM: Downtown Revitalization Economic Assistance Mission

  • First Impression Grant
  • Exterior Remediation Grant
  • Code Compliance Grant
  • Flex Loan SUSPENDED

GO! HOME: PCDC Housing Incentives & Assistance Programs. Click Here

  • New Resident Relocation Grant Programs:
    • Relocation Down Payment Grant
    • Renter's Relocation Grant
  • New Homeowner Improvement Program:
    • Residential Exterior Improvements Grant for New or Current Phelps County Residents
  • Contractors Risk Mitigation Program:
    • New Construction Grant
    • Major Residential Renovation Grant
    • Lot Clearing Reimbursement Grant

GO! WORK: Training and retaining workforce to meet local employer needs. Click Here

  • High Demand Job Scholarship
  • Employee Training Grant Program

GO! BUILD: Encouraging local development and partnering to make it happen. Click Here

  • Permitting Assistance and Project Advocacy
  • Utility Development Assistance
  • Site Preparation Assistance
  • Infrastructure Development at Iron Horse Business & Industry Park

Matching dollar for dollar Grant up to $1,000 for building improvements that meaningfully contribute to positive first impressions of Phelps County (ie: visible from major roads and intersections, in visibl...
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Category: GO! Downtown

Low interest gap financing, advocacy, and assistance for business owner renovation projects to buildings in need of significant updates for occupancy. Building must be owned by the applicant and intended fo...
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Category: GO! Downtown, Financing, GO! Business

The Phelps County Development Corporation (PCDC) offers incentives to businesses that can demonstrate a significant level of economic impact on the creation of new primary jobs. Jobs are considered "primary"...
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Category: Incentives

Gap financing for downtown residential development will be provided by the Phelps County Development Corporation at low interest to support renovation of downtown spaces into market rate rental property tha...
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Category: GO! Downtown, Financing

Up to $200 per employee granted to Phelps County employers to train or retrain employees.
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Category: GO! Work, Workforce Grant

The Phelps County Development Corporation, in partnership with the Phelps County Community Foundation, offers a High Demand Job Scholarship. The condition of this scholarship is that you return t...
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Category: GO! Work

Long-term gap financing loans to facilitate ownership transition of existing businesses. (loan percentage is subject to adjustment based on market conditions.) Funds may be used for equipment, improvements, or purchase o...
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Category: GO! Business, Financing

Up to $2000, low interest, short-term loans (1 – 3 years) to help existing businesses expand their customer base, inventory or improve operations. 
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Category: GO! Business, Financing

The Phelps County Development Corporation has an $800,000 revolving loan fund. It is primarily used by existing businesses to grow or transition to a new owner, but it is als...
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Category: Financing

  Job Driven National Emergency Grant (JD NEG) Employer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Nebraska’s Job Driven National Emergency Grant (JD NEG) project is a partner-driven strategy that creates reemployment services and work-based training...
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Category: Workforce Grant

The State of Nebraska is also very innovative in providing businesses with a competitive edge through incentives and financing programs. Click to visit the Nebraska Department of Economic Development Incentive...
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Category: Incentives, Financing

PCDC Staff can walk with you through our Steps to Start Up Program to help make your great ideas a reality. Let us help you nagivate the confusing process o...
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Category: GO! Business, Financing

Tax Increment Financing is also a local option for financing your business. TIF is primarily designed to finance the public costs associated with a private development project. Essentially, the propert...
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Category: Incentives