GO! Home Programs

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Are you employed in Phelps County but not a current resident? Are you a new or existing resident ready to purchase a new home? Are you interested in renovating houses? Or are you interested in building a house?

We want to help you be a part of one of our great communities. Here are PCDC's programs that can help make that happen:

GO! Home Housing Incentive Programs

New Resident Relocation Grants:

Down Payment Assistance Grant to Employer (NEW Residents) $2,500 match
Public Employee Down Payment Assistance Grant to Employer (NEW Residents) $2,500 no match
Mobile Home Down Payment Assistance Grant $1,000 match

Custom Risk Mitigation Program for Developers:

Renovation Reimbursement Grant, Existing Rental Property $1,500 per unit
Site Improvement / Demolition Reimbursement Grant $2,500 match
Residential Code Compliance Grant $2,500 per unit

Download full program details and applications here.

NOTE: Except for the Site Improvement / Demolition Reimbursement Grant, Applicants may only use one PCDC assistance program per address and must comply with detailed guidelines in the applications. Award of financial assistance from PCDC is not guaranteed and the award is dependent upon availability of funds. PCDC may make changes at any time during the life of the programs.