New High Demand Jobs Scholarship Helps High School Grads, Underemployed

13 Feb 2014


Does your business need skilled labor? Have you ever found yourself wondering why that highly-competent, minimum-wage-earner at the drive-thru isn’t working for you? How many talented high school students have slipped through the cracks, moving on to a job exactly like the one you have to offer but in another county?

It’s time to take advantage of these situations. Let’s bring kids back home after their training and get those hard workers on your payroll. A new scholarship made available through the Phelps County Development Corporation can help anyone who is in need of training receive the education they need to obtain a higher-paying job that is in high demand in our county.

“This is a win-win situation for employers, students and employees,” said Carol Rapstine, PCDC project manager.  “Employers can fill the high-demand jobs that they have, and the underemployed and students receive funds to help pay for their education and work in a field that is interesting to them.”

Recent high school graduates or anyone looking to start a new career in Phelps County may apply for the scholarship. Those who are underemployed and working in a company that does not offer tuition assistance may really benefit from the scholarship.

It is offered to anyone who agrees to obtain technical skills training with the promise to return to Phelps County to fill jobs such as diesel and farm equipment mechanics, manufacturing engineering technicians, mechatronics technicians, injection-mold technicians, welders, nurses, metal fabricators, and many more.

PCDC’s ultimate goal is to retain talent and invest in a capable and qualified workforce for the future of employers in Phelps County.

Interested applicants may apply at through February 18. Applicants must be a graduate or graduating senior of any high school or have achieved a GED. They must be planning to enroll or be a current student of any college, technical or trade school. Applicants also must be willing to sign an agreement with PCDC that upon completing their education, they will return to Phelps County and gain successful employment. Students who do not return to Phelps County must repay the scholarship in full. Preference will be given to Phelps County residents or those who graduated from a Phelps County High School and to students who select a technical or trade program of study as opposed to a bachelor’s degree program.

For further information about the scholarship, please contact Carol at PCDC.

The scholarship is funded through LB840 sales-tax funds, approved matching grant funds from PCCF, and from Prosperity Project investors who designated their gift directly to the scholarship. The amount awarded to scholarship recipients will depend on the number of scholarships awarded and the cost of the recipient’s education.