PCDC, Allmand Brothers, and BD Work Together for Phelps Countys Future

28 Dec 2013


The Phelps County Development Corporation would like to extend our congratulations to Allmand Brothers on their recent expansion announcement. We are proud to have played a part in this endeavor and look forward to helping the project develop.

Kristin Johnson has recently joined the team at PCDC and will take the lead role in inspiring and recruiting talent. She will be working with Allmand Brothers to find the skilled workers necessary for their planned growth. Monica Boyken, executive director of PCDC reports “Kristin has really hit the ground running. She has already met with twelve local businesses, and has plans to meet with several more. She will be developing the specific tasks for our plan to build the pipeline of workers necessary for Holdrege to grow.”

In conjunction with their expansion, Allmand Brothers plans to add significantly to their employee pool. “What we, at PCDC, learn as we work with Allmand Bros. will be duplicated as we work with other businesses in the community”, says Johnson. PCDC’s work with Allmand Brothers, securing a more plentiful amount of skilled workers, is the impetus for launching a program to inspire and recruit talent. With the funds raised for the Prosperity Project, and a grant awarded from the Phelps County Community Foundation, PCDC plans to:

  • Build a capable and plentiful workforce by engaging youth and alumni and by collaborating with local resources to train unskilled talent.
  • Consider a matching scholarship program to bring back or retain talented Phelps County youth.

A committee is being formed in order to help with these goals. John Wilson, plant manager at BD in Holdrege, has volunteered to help PCDC with this project. Mr. Wilson, who is currently on PCDC’s Executive Committee, says “I am very pleased to be working with PCDC on this important issue of workforce development. A strong and vital workforce is one of the foundations of our current and future success.”