PCDC Assists in Developing Low-Cost Housing Options

PCDC Assists in Developing Low-Cost Housing Options Main Photo

26 Apr 2023

As Phelps County continues to seek solutions to its housing shortage, the Phelps County Development Corporation is helping by supporting the creation of reasonably-priced mobile homes.

PCDC is working with King Investments of Kearney, the new owner of the Eastside and Westside trailer parks in Holdrege, as the company adds new living units and makes improvements to the Holdrege properties.

“Well-maintained mobile home parks are an affordable and attractive option for many people,” PCDC Executive Director Ron Tillery said. “Mr. King has a reputation for quality. The price point he is providing will help fill a very troublesome void in the market.”

Tillery said PCDC is providing a cash bonus for each new trailer installed to help defray the costs associated with developing each site, such as foundations, parking pads and utility hookups.

Plans are for both properties, starting with Eastside, to be renovated. Already, trees have been removed and undeveloped parts of the Eastside property have been cleared to make room for another 15-20 trailers. Tillery said the Kings are planning to add another 40-50 living units.

“The larger of his products will be new three-bedroom, two-bathroom trailers that sell for about $120,000 and come with a carport and patio,” Tillery said.

Streets will also be improved in the properties, and a new playground will be added.

“This is a new affordable price point that’s available in the community,” Tillery said. “It fills a void in the market. These are new, modern living units. Adding these new units opens up an opportunity for us to recruit more people who are currently commuting into Holdrege and convert them into full-time residents.”

In further efforts to turn commuters into residents, PCDC is continuing its GO! HOME mobile home down payment incentives.

“It offers a choice to buyers,” Tillery said. “Mobile homes are more affordable to people who are just getting started in their careers and don’t have enough savings or equity to be able to afford a $250,000 home.”

PCDC is offering a $1,000 matching grant to employers to help their employees purchase mobile homes in Phelps County. This will give potential new residents $2,000 toward the purchase of a mobile home.

For more information about GO! HOME grants, please visit https://www.phelpscountyne.com/phelps-county/relocation-assistance/go!-home-programs