Crossroads Thrift Store Opening in Downtown Holdrege

Crossroads Thrift Store Opening in Downtown Holdrege Main Photo

26 Apr 2023

The momentum continues in downtown Holdrege as a new thrift store will soon open in the former Hilsabeck Sporting Goods store.

Crossroads Mission Avenue will open its fifth Mission Avenue Thrift Store in Holdrege at 408 East Ave., hopefully by May 1. Other stores are located in Grand Island, Kearney, Hastings and Lexington.

Crossroads Executive Director Daniel Buller said the new store will fill a gap in Holdrege by helping low-income families, and it will generate additional financial resources for Crossroads to continue its mission of serving the homeless population in south-central Nebraska.

The non-profit organization operates six homeless shelters (225 beds) with locations in Grand Island, Hastings and Kearney. They plan to open a seventh location in Lexington in 2023, and that will expand their beds to near 325.

Buller said in 2022, Crossroads served 1,100 people who stayed an average of 72 days, which includes emergency shelter services to long-term transitional living. Crossroads works with the court system and mental health facilities to help people get back on their feet with its proven 4-step program. The Holdrege location will not include living units.

The new presence in Holdrege will create partnership opportunities with local churches, organizations and volunteers.

“We are excited because we also get to contribute to the local economy,” Buller said. “We are able to provide some jobs and fill a need in the community.”

The store will take donations of clothing, household items and furniture and use those items to help homeless people get back on their feet or sell the items in the thrift store.

Buller said as the need for Crossroads services increases, they are continually seeking ways to generate income to continue its work.

“We have been serving for 40 years, and one of the goals for the leadership team at Crossroads is that we want to be sure Crossroads can celebrate the next 40 years,” Buller said.

Buller said that in addition to financial contributions, donors like to give their used clothing, household items and furniture to help the homeless.

“Due to the generosity of the communities, we have an excess of those donations,” Buller said.

Those items are sold in thrift stores, like the one opening in Holdrege.

Buller said the thrift store’s prices are low, and it can be a lifeline for families struggling to pay for clothing or rent and groceries.

“Plus, every dollar that someone spends at Crossroads goes back into our mission,” Buller said.
Crossroads can even recycle clothing and fabrics that can no longer be worn to earn money for its mission. Last year, they recycled more than a half million pounds of clothing.

Buller said as they were looking at expansion opportunities, they didn’t see this type of thrift store available in Holdrege. They saw an opportunity with the vacant building on East Avenue and decided to sign a lease and open another store.

“It’s a beautiful storefront and a neat location for us,” Buller said.

No renovations were needed so they could open up quickly. Crossroads hired two full-time staff members for the Holdrege store and was seeking one part-time staff associate.

In addition to staff, the store welcomes those seeking volunteer opportunities (church groups, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, those needing community service hours) to help with sorting and organizing donations.

Staff began setting up the store in mid-April. It will be open for anyone to shop from 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

The store is already taking donations, which can be dropped off in the alley. After-hours donations can be placed in the Win Bin also in the alley. Crossroads will even pick up items left over after garage sales.

Buller said that Crossroads will be seeking partnership opportunities in Holdrege, including with the local food pantry, churches and others serving the poor or homeless.

“We never aim to duplicate services but to enhance the community and other services already there,” Buller said.

PCDC will support the project with a GO! DREAM sign grant.

For more information, contact Buller at (307) 921-8657 or visit the website at