PCDC Announces New GO! HOME Grant Opportunities

PCDC Announces New GO! HOME Grant Opportunities Main Photo

5 May 2022

The Phelps County Development Corporation has announced its GO! HOME grant opportunities for 2022.

The grants are intended to encourage new residents and the construction and sales of local workforce housing in all Phelps County communities.

“GO! HOME addresses opportunities for improvement by priming the pump, so to speak,” PCDC Executive Director Ron Tillery said. “PCDC is providing the spark to make things happen.”

Tillery said since its inception in 2018, GO! HOME has encouraged more than 200 people, who were previously commuting from elsewhere, to relocate to Phelps County.

“The return on investment for us and the community is the increase in tax base and adding more people into the full-time population base,” Tillery said. “The idea behind the new GO! HOME grants is to reduce the risk to developers so they have more confidence to build in our market. It is more expensive and difficult to build in rural markets, and that’s why we have to be more proactive in eliminating risk to the developers.”

2022 GO! HOME Grants

The first set of grants aims to help local employers by offering housing assistance. The assistance could help attract new employees or bring current employees closer to their jobs.

Employee Relocation Grants

Down Payment Assistance

PCDC will match dollar for dollar, up to $2,500, any Phelps County employers’ contributions to assist a current or new employee living outside the county to move to Phelps County. Employees renting a Phelps County residence for less than 12 months may also qualify.

PCDC also offers these grants to public employees (teachers, government workers, police, etc.) without an employer match. Self-employed new residents may also qualify for a grant.

Grants may be used to purchase a single-family home, townhouse or condo. A smaller amount (up to $1,000) is available to help purchase a mobile home.

Renter Relocation Assistance

PCDC will also offer $500 renter relocation grants to help current employees living outside the county or new employees move to Phelps County as renters. Relocation grant applications must be completed by employers as they are awarded to employers as a tool to encourage their employees to move closer to their workplace or to help recruit new employees.

The second set of grants is designed to encourage new construction or renovation and repair of existing homes or lots.

Risk Mitigation Program for Developers

New Construction Purchase Guarantee

PCDC agrees to purchase any home constructed under this program if the builder has conformed to the guidelines but has not sold the home within 30 days of receiving an occupancy permit.

This guarantee is only for homes constructed in the CREW Subdivision and the total sales price of the home must not exceed $285,000 (including lot cost).

New Housing Completion Bonus

PCDC will award a $5,000 per-unit completion bonus to any developer who builds any new single-family attached or detached home, including townhomes or duplexes, to sell or rent at any Phelps County location. Developers must apply for and be approved before construction begins. This applies only to homes that are sold at a maximum price of $285,000.

Renovation Reimbursement Grant (Existing Rental Property)

The purpose of this program is to bring rental units up to modern standards and make them livable, attractive assets to residents and the community.
PCDC will give $1,500 per-unit matching grants to developers to address code compliance issues and other deficiencies including but not limited to modernizing electric and plumbing systems, HVAC, energy-efficient windows and doors, ingress/egress devices and other safety improvements.

To qualify, no work other than demolition can begin until PCDC has approved the grant in writing.

Site Improvement/Demolition Reimbursement Grant

The purpose of this program is to encourage and assist developers or contractors to renovate or create new living units on infill lots that may have substantial site or property improvement needs before construction.

PCDC will give $2,500 per-unit matching grants to contractors to be used for materials or labor related to a project’s lot improvements, such as landfill fees, demo costs, asbestos remediation, dirt work, utility improvement, etc. The project must support the development of new housing projects.

Visit www.phelpscountyne.com/phelps-county/relocation-assistance/go!-home-programs to apply for GO! HOME grants or for more information. Or, contact Sally Sadd at sally@phelpscountyne.com or Ron Tillery at ron@phelpscountyne.com to speak to a PCDC representative about the grants.