Smiths Choose Holdrege to Buy a Business and Start a Business

Smiths Choose Holdrege to Buy a Business and Start a Business Main Photo

23 Mar 2022

After several trips to Phelps County to visit friends, Kevin and Dr. Jill Smith decided to plant their roots here. The couple moved to Holdrege in December 2021 with their newborn child, bought a business and started another business.

“Each time we visited, we always left thinking how fantastic of an area this was,” Jill said. “We continually saw growth in Phelps County in its health care clinics, schools, parishes and businesses. Knowing this was everything we were looking for, we pursued a life here.”

Jill, who grew up on a farm near Elgin, has been practicing dentistry in the Lincoln area for four years since graduating from the University of Nebraska Medical Center. She had previously met Dr. Grant Hinze when she completed a dental externship in Alma.

“The opportunity to purchase Dr. Grant Hinze's dental practice was a large reason behind our move to Holdrege,” she said.

She purchased Hinze’s longtime dental practice in January 2022. The business is now named Holdrege Dental Arts. Grant and his wife, Kay, owned the business for more than 44 years. Kay has retired, and Grant has cut back on his hours in an attempt to slowly work toward retirement.

Hinze said Dr. Smith’s dental skills are “of the highest caliber. Dr. Smith has an excellent reputation, and she is well-respected by her peers and patients.”

Besides continuing to offer high-quality dental care in the area, Jill said another driving force in their decision to move to Phelps County was the need for construction contractors.

Kevin, a Randolph native, has an associate’s degree in building construction technologies and has worked in the construction field for more than 10 years. He most recently worked as a project manager of both residential and commercial construction sites and also as a home inspector. His new business is Blacksmith Builders, and he specializes in residential remodels, especially kitchens and bathrooms.

The couple recently welcomed their first child, Kane, in early December and also wanted to raise him and their future children in a small town.

“With both of us growing up in small communities, we wanted the same small town core values instilled in our children,” she said.

Kevin is 6’7” and Jill is 6’, and Kane is already on track to take after their height, so Jill said they are hoping he will also contribute to the community and “will hopefully be a great addition to Holdrege athletics!”

Jill said they have loved the transition to living in a small town.

“The agriculture and rural communities of Phelps County make us feel right at home,” she said. “We both grew up in the country and enjoy going back to help on the family farm, especially during harvest time.”

Jill encouraged anyone else considering leaving city life behind and moving to Phelps County to take the leap.

“Everyone has been so welcoming to us!” she said. “We are extremely happy to plant our roots here and can't wait for the future ahead!”