Director Retires from PCDC Board

Director Retires from PCDC Board Main Photo

24 Feb 2021

Fred Diedrichsen is retiring from the Phelps County Development Corporation Board of Directors after serving for eight years.

Diedrichsen, who worked for 42 years as a local dentist, has volunteered on many local boards and appreciates opportunities to lead and serve in the community.

“As with any board I’ve ever been on, I’ve enjoyed all the information I received on the PCDC board,” he said. “You have all the information from both sides. You really know what’s going on, and it’s sometimes unfortunate you can share all of that.”

Diedrichsen has been involved in some exciting local economic development projects in the past eight years, including:

  • The renewal of the LB840 sales tax by 83 percent,
  • Purchasing, naming and the continued development of the Iron Horse Industrial Park,
  • Helping foster cooperation and understanding among other entities that are working together for economic development, including the Holdrege Area Chamber of Commerce, the Holdrege Housing Authority and local governments,
  • Bringing the new Cobblestone Inn & Suites to Holdrege,
  • Growing the community through GO! HOME and GO! DREAM grant programs.

Diedrichsen said PCDC’s work has spurred activity and is laying the groundwork for future jobs and growth in the county.

“What we are doing today is a lot different than what we were doing eight years ago when I started on the board,” he said. “I think Holdrege is primed to have great things happen in the next few years.”

Diedrichsen said economic development isn’t just about big projects, such as attracting a new manufacturing facility to town.

“All the projects revolve around job creation and retaining young people in the community and expanding our workforce, and PCDC has done that,” he said.

Through grants and loans to local businesses, creating workforce housing and revitalizing downtown, PCDC is steadily helping the community thrive one job and one house at a time.

While on the PCDC board, Diedrichsen served for two years as president and also served on the board development committee and the executive director selection committee. He also organized and participated in the 2015 LB840 campaign’s door-to-door visits.

PCDC Executive Director Ron Tillery said Diedrichsen exemplifies the best qualities of an effective volunteer board member.

“He asks the right questions at the right times,” Tillery said. “His knowledge and understanding of our market provided invaluable guidance. Fred's steady leadership inspired confidence among fellow board members and enabled the staff to stretch for goals that may have been slightly beyond our perceived grasp.”

Diedrichsen, who has been retired from dentistry for seven years now, said he has never lacked things to do during retirement and continues to enjoy his friends and family and has recently enjoyed volunteering at the Nebraska Prairie Museum.

Local real estate agent Jeff Moon has been elected to take Diedrichsen’s place on the board.