DED Invites You to Check Out its Newest Online Economic Development Tool: BottomliNE

8 Jan 2021

The Research Team at the Nebraska Department of Economic Development is pleased to invite you to explore, use and share our brand-new economic development tool, BottomliNE.

BottomliNE is a convenient website that’s designed to provide users with valuable, easy-to-digest insights into the Nebraska economy. Created using trusted sources like the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and Bureau of Economic Analysis, BottomliNE makes it easy to see how Nebraska ranks compared to other states in terms of key performance metrics like workforce participation, GDP, economic strength and much, much more. The goal is to provide a clear and unbiased picture that can inform and help support a wide variety of economic development efforts — from goal setting and prioritization to recruiting job creators, and everything in-between.  

BottomliNE is designed to be incredibly simple to use and share, with no registration or software downloads required. Just visit and start browsing. We hope you’ll invite your friends and colleagues for a visit as well.

Have a question or comment about the site? Drop us a line using the site contact form — your feedback is important to us. Meanwhile, we could use your help! We’re always on the lookout for new quotes, photos and other materials for the dashboard; if you know a business owner, community leader, economic developer, or other stakeholder to whom we might reach out, please don’t hesitate to let us know. 

Our goal is that BottomliNE will become a trusted resource you and your agency will return to time and time again for useful information and knowledge. Since we plan to update the economic performance data every year, it could even serve as a gauge to help track our mutual progress toward the vision to grow Nebraska.