Nutt Retires from PCDC Board

Nutt Retires from PCDC Board Main Photo

26 Jun 2020

Tom Nutt is retiring from the Phelps County Development Corporation Board of Directors after serving for eight years.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time serving on the board,” Nutt said. “I’ve enjoyed working with all the different members over the years. I think PCDC is a great organization, and they are helping bring new business into the county while continuing to support existing industries like ag.”

Nutt currently serves as chairman of the Phelps County Board of Supervisors and will continue to serve as a supervisors’ liaison to the board (ex officio member).

He said serving on the county board and the PCDC board at the same time gave him a unique perspective on the partnerships needed between government entities and PCDC to grow the county.

“With me being on the county board and looking at both sides, it has been helpful,” he said. “I’ve learned a lot and have worked with a lot of community leaders on different issues.”

From his county board perspective, Nutt said it’s important for the county to continue to grow and add jobs to keep a strong tax base. That is why economic development work is so important.

Nutt is retired from a law enforcement career that included working as a Nebraska State Patrol Trooper and then as the Phelps County Sheriff. He retired from law enforcement in 2010 and began serving on the PCDC board in 2012.

Nutt served on PCDC’s housing committee and enjoyed being part of the team that created new housing in the northeast part of Holdrege.

“We’ve seen a lot of growth in that area of Holdrege,” Nutt said.

He was also grateful to be part of the PCDC team that brought the new Cobblestone Hotel to Holdrege and to help pave the way for the recent Allmand Inc. expansion. He praises PCDC’s work on creating the Iron Horse Industrial Park and recent infrastructure work to prepare the site for a new business.

“Now, we need to work on getting a new manufacturer in the industrial park,” Nutt said.

He also sees the need for PCDC to continue to support agriculture in the county.

“We are one of the top ag counties in the state, so we need to keep growing in that area, too,” he said.

Longtime PCDC Board Member Michele High also recently resigned from her role on the board. Holdrege resident Chris McQuillan will take her seat on the board. PCDC’s board development committee is currently working to find a new board member to replace Nutt.