SUSPENDED: Magic Multiplier Gift Card Grant

SUSPENDED: Magic Multiplier Gift Card Grant Main Photo

17 Apr 2020

After an amazing response from consumers to purchase gift cards from businesses impacted by mandatory health directives Operation Magic Multiplier is not taking additional applications for reimbursement.

The day following the first disbursement of nearly $53,000 to at least 63 Phelps County businesses, the number of applications received had exceeded the remaining funds available. PCDC reallocated $75,000 from other budgeted activities to support and protect local businesses by matching gift card purchases dollar for dollar.

PCDC will process the remaining requests for reimbursement in the order received with checks being processed on May 1st. The requests will exceed the amount available so additional preference will be given to those companies that did not receive funding in the first cycle.

GIFT CARD DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR MATCH: Consumer Purchases $75,000 + PCDC Match $75,000 = $150,000 to local businesses


Now, more than ever, our local businesses deserve our unswerving support.