New Doctors are Enjoying their Move to Holdrege!

New Doctors are Enjoying their Move to Holdrege! Main Photo

17 May 2019

Phelps County, located in the heart of Nebraska, has been seeing a rise in the local population, especially a rise in new doctors locating in the area! ruralMED Management Resources and Family Medical Specialties, located in Holdrege, has hired several new doctors who have moved to the county. Phelps County is known for its small-town atmosphere, which is one of the reasons these new doctors are enjoying their new home.

Phelps County is family friendly, making it easier for physicians to transition with their children. This was especially important for new mom, Dr. Krista Stoecker.  “We had no trouble relocating. I actually had my daughter 3 days before we moved (that wasn’t the plan!) and our neighbors were great to us from the very beginning - bringing us meals and sharing their Bountiful Baskets. It was easy to find hours for local businesses online to update our licenses, etc. Our subscription to the Holdrege Daily Citizen also kept us in the loop on events like the Farmer’s Market, Swedish Days, etc.…” – Dr. Krista Stoecker

Some doctors moved to the area for Phelps County’s natural beauty and the fond memories they have of visiting. “My husband and I have for a long time been looking forward to moving back out to Central Nebraska. We were raised in Wood River and grew up going out to Johnson Lake in the summers. We have so many wonderful memories there that we wanted to practice in a community where we could be close to both family and the lake. When we visited Holdrege and toured the hospital it was a no brainer!... Settling down in Phelps County was a very easy process. PMHC, our neighbors, and the community in general has made us feel very welcome.” – Dr. Katie Thelen

Others have found Phelps County to be incredibly welcoming and ideal. “My wife and I visited and were excited about the thriving community. We saw the opportunity to work in a quality and growing health care system. We also wanted to get back to rural Nebraska, as my wife and I are originally from Atkinson, Nebraska… Phelps County is a warm and welcoming place to be, with great midwestern hospitality. Phelps County has multiple services, businesses, and facilities that offer and vibrant place for Danika and me to raise our family. The friendly people, welcoming church community, and typical relaxed rural setting is exactly what we have envisioned for our lives.” - Dr. Jacob Peterson

Dr. Carlston and his wife wanted to live somewhere with a strong sense of community and they found that here.  “My wife and I relocated to Phelps County for a variety of reasons but since we both have parents from small towns, we have an appreciation for the strong community atmosphere found in rural areas. When this opportunity came up, we jumped on it. After visiting we were convinced that this is where we wanted to be… The town of Holdrege and surrounding area is incredibly welcoming and open which has also made it easier to settle in Phelps County.” – Dr. Russell Carlston

Aside from getting acquainted with the county and the local community in Holdrege, NE, these new doctors are also finding a new home with ruralMED Management Resources, Phelps Medical Group, and Family Medical Specialties. Holdrege is also home to the Phelps Memorial Health Center (PMHC) which strives to provide exceptional quality and compassionate care to the residents of Holdrege and surrounding areas. These four organizations work together to give residents the very best care that they deserve. Phelps County residents can be assured that the doctors working in Holdrege love what they do and are happy to be here helping them.  

“I knew when I selected Family Medicine as my specialty that I wanted to find an opportunity to use the “full-scope” of my license meaning I take care of patients not just in the clinic but also in the hospital, Emergency Room, and deliver babies. Professionally, I was also looking for a private practice clinic that had a good relationship with the local hospital… It is becoming more and more unique in, not just Nebraska but throughout the US, to have the opportunity to provide such a large scope of practice. Holdrege is also unique to have so many providers and visiting subspecialists given the population. It’s a real gem!” – Dr. Krista Stoecker

“What makes practicing in Holdrege particularly unique is the access we have to advanced imaging and specialists. Very few small towns have the capabilities that PMHC has. We get to be "small town docs" but have the resources of a major medical center… So far, I have most enjoyed the people I get to work with. Nursing staff, administrators, and other support staff at both the clinic and hospital have made my job so much easier and enjoyable. More so than anywhere else I have trained, there is a team approach and overall sense of community.” – Dr. Katie Thelen

“With such a large and established practice, I have more opportunity to concentrate on patient care because the practice is well established. My partners are long time residents and very knowledgeable which makes for a great resource when caring for my patients. Also, because the health community is thriving, I am able to provide many services to my patients that are not routinely available in a rural practice. Holdrege has many visiting specialists, surgical services, quality staff, and exceptional care facilities. The entire package allows for efficient and high qualities health care for my patients, and that is a blessing to the community that really gets me excited.” – Dr. Jacob Peterson

“Working for ruralMED allows me the unique opportunity to work in different towns and help alleviate excessive travel for patients or reach patients who otherwise would not have sought out treatment due to their inability to travel. It is a huge blessing for me to serve the community in such a way. Having previously worked in large hospitals and clinics I've come to truly appreciate the familial environment generated by the staff at the Phelps Medical Group building. I can't imagine finding a funner bunch of people to work with.” – Dr. Russell Carlston

Join these new physicians in discovering why Phelps County is an excellent place to grow a career and put down roots.

Phelps County is a friendly, family oriented, area which residents can be sure to enjoy not only their leisurely time but also find a job that fulfills them. Just ask the new doctors in Holdrege who are thriving after their move to this friendly and robust area!