PCDC Resumes $1,000 Exterior Renovation Grants

13 Dec 2018

PCDC recently replaced the former $1,000 First Impression Grants with the new GO! DREAM program to encourage downtown Holdrege businesses revitalization.

However, PCDC Director of Business Services Carley Bruning said they later realized that businesses outside of downtown Holdrege were still interested in financial incentives for renovations. So, PCDC has resumed the exterior grants with a new name – GO! Business Building Exterior Impact Grants.

These $1,000 grants are offered for exterior updates to any Phelps County business. The grants must be used for materials only and may be used for windows, paint, awnings, masonry or minor exterior repairs and lighting. The business owner must match the grant dollar for dollar.

“This grant is available for any Phelps County business located within corporate boundaries of any municipality,” Bruning said. “We want to see as much investment and revitalization as possible throughout the county. Every current and potential business owner has a dream, and PCDC wants to help make it happen wherever they decide to put their front door.”

Businesses that have previously spruced up their exteriors with the $1,000 grants are Real Estate Connection; Firefly Landscaping/Country Partners in Loomis; Great ST8 Properties LLC (Opera House); Lost Way Brewery; Mystic Images; Phelps County Community Foundation; Dier, Osborn & Cox; Edward Jones; Wiggles and Giggles Child Care and NAS Realty.

The GO! Business Building Exterior Grants are now part of the overall GO! DREAM program, which stands for Downtown Revitalization Economic Assistance Mission (DREAM). The program launched in September and offers Holdrege downtown building owners the opportunity to receive major grants to update building facades and replace signs and lighting, and low-interest loans to bring buildings up to code to create downtown living units.

For more information about the new GO! DREAM programs or the GO! Business Building Exterior Impact Grants, please contact Carley Bruning at Carley@PhelpsCountyNE.com or call PCDC at (308) 995-4148.

To apply for the grant or for specific details, visit the following links on the PCDC website: