Companies Seeks Franchisees for Phelps County

26 Jun 2018

National franchise opportunities exist for Phelps County, and PCDC wants to assist anyone interested in exploring this opportunity.

The interest in Phelps County was welcome news for PCDC Executive Director Ron Tillery, who attended the RECon trade show in Las Vegas to promote Phelps County as a place to do business. The show attracted real estate developers and owners of major retailers from around the globe.

“One of the things we learned in Las Vegas is there are companies out there who are interested in our market and will come here if we can identify qualified franchise owners,” Tillery said.

Potential franchise owners should have at least $100,000 in liquid assets, a $250,000-$300,000 net worth and business experience.

Many of the national brands interested in Phelps County are restaurant chains, however Tillery said some are retail stores. One restaurant franchise has contacted Tillery three times since Las Vegas seeking information about potential franchise owners.

Advantages of franchise ownership include brand familiarity with customers and learning and mentorship opportunities.

“It allows for people to make investments into proven business models and utilize the expertise that comes from having more operations around the country,” he said.

PCDC is willing to help anyone interested in purchasing and operating a franchise.

For information about franchise opportunities, contact Tillery at or call PCDC at (308) 995-4148.