PCDC Chooses Phelps Memorial as Business of the Year

19 Mar 2018

Access to a nearby hospital in a rural community is sometimes rare.

But, in Phelps County, hospital care is not a worry. Residents receive quality care at one of the top 100 critical care hospitals in the nation at Phelps Memorial Health Center.

The Phelps County Development Corporation has chosen Phelps Memorial Health Center as one of its 2017 businesses of the year. The selection committee noted Phelps Memorial’s stellar performance among its peers not only in Nebraska but also across the nation as shown by its recent selection as a Top 100 Critical Access Hospital. Phelps Memorial is also recognized for its sustained regional impact, its continued growth and investment and its positive economic contributions to Phelps County.

The healthcare center employs 270 people, serves patients from surrounding rural counties and beyond and continues to partner with others to bring the best quality healthcare possible to Phelps County. The hospital completed an expansion project in 2012 and is now in the planning stages for another project to improve care even more.

PCDC Selection Committee Member Doug Stevenson said Phelps Memorial staff members have been active participants in finding solutions to community workforce housing shortages.

“They are continually working with PCDC and the community on the housing side,” Doug said. “Any housing meeting we have, they attend. They are just not sitting there watching this. They want to help make things better. They are a huge key to the success of our community.”

Phelps Memorial CEO Mark Harrel said it is an honor to be selected as PCDC’s Business of the Year, and he credits the entire PMHC team for the hospital’s success.

“Without every member of our team, the success of Phelps Memorial Health Center would not be possible,” Harrel said. “Our team’s mission is to provide exceptional quality and compassionate care to the families we serve. Quality of care is top priority every day. The values we possess as a team shine through every interaction with our customers, including patients, visitors and each other.”

The hospital has been recognized by more than just PCDC. In addition to being named a Top 100 Critical Access Hospital by iVantage, the healthcare center also was recognized as the Best Performing Critical Access Hospital in the QHR network, and CEO Mark Harrel was recognized as the QHR CEO of the Year for 2017.

“Our overarching objective at Phelps Memorial is to be the first choice for healthcare,” Harrel said. “Our team sets extremely high standards and works together to achieve objectives. An exceptional experience is just what we do. Being recognized nationally is just icing on the cake!”

Harrel said the teams at Phelps Medical Group, Family Medical Specialties and ruralMED Management Resources also play a big role in the hospital’s success.

“The achievements by Phelps Memorial are all a testament to the outstanding partnerships and teamwork we’ve created with our entire medical community,” Harrel said. “Serving Phelps and surrounding counties, our loyal patients do not have to travel for high-quality healthcare. We have successfully built a network of specialty providers whose mission is to sustain rural healthcare services. Specialists travel from across Nebraska and Colorado. A strong partnership with our active medical staff ensures success for everyone involved in our non-profit efforts.”

Harrel said the hospital’s board of directors, active medical staff and senior executive team have worked with a progressive, proactive approach to ensure Phelps Memorial’s financial viability.

Phelps Memorial will celebrate its 50th anniversary this spring and has been celebrating by performing 50 random acts of kindness in the community.  Those acts have included events and donations, such as sponsoring a Make-a-Wish child, hosting a cancer survivor’s dinner, providing medical books to the library, purchasing items for the Christian Charity Fund, providing holiday gifts cards to the people served by Mosaic and hosting a movie night for Teammates mentors and mentees. The Phelps Memorial Foundation contributes annually to many local non-profit organizations that are working to make a difference in the community.

In addition to serving the community’s healthcare needs, Phelps Memorial is also instrumental in providing community education, such as heart health, cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, Alzheimer’s disease and first-responder training.

Phelps Memorial Health Center will be honored at PCDC’s annual meeting on March 22 at the Taste of Texas in downtown Holdrege. UNL Chancellor Ronnie Green will also speak at the event. Advance tickets are $30 per person and can be purchased by contacting PCDC at (308) 995-4148.