PCDC’s Phoenix Housing Program Begins in Bertrand

26 Oct 2017

A dilapidated property in Bertrand will soon be transformed into a new opportunity as part of PCDC’s new Phoenix housing program.

This new program, launched in June, aims to encourage the construction of new homes in existing neighborhoods by identifying and encouraging the renovation of problem properties that are vacant, overgrown or dilapidated. Homes that cannot be saved would be demolished.

That is the case with the Bertrand property.

PCDC has purchased the property at 304 Keopple for the price of the back taxes (about $4,000) and has collected bids through the Phelps County Builder’s Bureau for demolition work.

PCDC Executive Director Ron Tillery said the home on the property had broken windows and had been vacant for a long time.

He said Phelps County housing study steering committee member Matt Gregg was instrumental in initiating this first Phoenix program property improvement.

PCDC will fund the demolition of the property and then may sell the lot to a new owner or developer who wants to build a new home.

As part of the Phoenix program, PCDC may purchase properties or acquire them through municipal transfers. PCDC will demolish structures, prep sites for development and convey the property to developers at a nominal cost or as a forgivable loan.

 “We have a lot of flexibility in how we make the lot available to somebody,” Tillery said. “It’s possible we could make a portion of the property’s loan forgivable. We want to get new residents, new construction in place. We have the flexibility to make that possible quicker.”

For more information about PCDC and the Phoenix housing program or other GO! Home programs, contact Ron Tillery at (308) 995-4148 or Ron@PhelpsCountyNE.com.