Agricultural Advantage Makes Phelps County, Nebraska Ideal For Dairy Industry

2 Oct 2017

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An abundance of corn, cattle and water makes Phelps County, Nebraska, an ideal location for expanding or relocating businesses in the dairy industry.

Phelps County is part of the Grow Nebraska Dairy initiative that is seeking to welcome dairy processors or dairy producers to the state. The county will be featured in a presentation at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, Wis., in early October.

The rural Nebraska county boasts productive soil, abundant water, experienced farmers and an ag-friendly environment that is ready to welcome new business opportunities.

Holdrege is located in the fertile flatlands of Nebraska. The black soil that helps local farmers consistently produce high-yielding crops is even named after the town – Holdrege soil.

Some farms here have been in families for more than 100 years, and generations of young people are still returning to raise crops and animals where their ancestors once tilled the soil. These youth are educated and motivated and are always learning the latest in farm technology and are seeking ways to diversify farm income.

That’s where the dairy industry can benefit. Phelps County farmers are experienced cattle producers, raising some of the finest beef in the state. Those same skills can help them become dairy farmers. Or, their farming skills can provide consistent food for a dairy farm that may want to relocate to the county.

PCDC also recently established a 134-acre Iron Horse Industrial Park that is a prime location for a dairy processing plant.

Phelps County offers an ag-friendly environment that’s not pressured by urban development.

“It’s a great place to put down roots with people who understand and connect with farm values,” said Phelps County Development Director (PCDC) Ron Tillery.

Holdrege, with a population of 5,555, is the largest town in Phelps County. Amenities in Holdrege include a YMCA, the Tassel performing arts center, a modern hospital that serves as a hub of patient care for hundreds of miles, and an excellent educational system featuring a brand-new elementary school.

For more information about Phelps County and the Iron Horse Industrial park, please visit us at or contact Tillery at or (308) 995-4148.