Global reach—local touch

12 Jun 2017

Once upon a time, equipment like plows, tractors, and trucks were manufactured by small, local shops run by creative tinkerers willing to make the leap from horse-and-buggy days. While these early machines were truly one-of-a kind, it didn’t take long for the industry to standardize, centralize, and innovate.

Today the heavy equipment industry is a global enterprise with remarkable, precision engineering and leading edge technology. Still, when it comes to purchasing and servicing such vehicles, there’s a huge advantage to working with a local company you know and trust.

Such is the case at Titan Machinery, located in Phelps County, NE. Again and again, customers cite the personal attention and high degree of knowledge at Titan as their reason for choosing the dealership.

You can learn more about Titan and more about Phelps County.