New Builders Bureau Keeps Local Contractors in the Loop

8 Mar 2017

The Phelps County Development Corporation has invited all local contractors and suppliers to join its new PCDC Builders Bureau to stay better informed on opportunities to bid on area construction projects.

The new group will help Phelps County plumbers, electricians, contractors and other construction-related businesses:

  • Stay informed of new construction projects in the region
  • Have an opportunity to review project plans and specs and to bid on projects
  • Receive regular updates on industry news and trends
  • Have a voice on area building issues

“As PCDC develops projects, the builders bureau will be the first to know about them,” PCDC Executive Director Ron Tillery said. And, if developers request information about local talent for subcontracted local projects, the builders bureau members list will be valuable information to share.

The group will mainly exist to receive information but may also meet as needed and receive other benefits besides opportunities to bid on projects.

“Through this committee, we hope to bring more opportunity to all the local vendors and act as an information service and provide educational opportunities and provide information about legislative issues that may affect contractors,” Tillery said.

Don Langenberg, owner of Pro Building Supply Inc. in Holdrege, is a PCDC investor and member of the builders bureau.

Langenberg said he hopes the new group will bring awareness and opportunity to the benefits of using local contractors and suppliers for major construction projects in the county.

“We need to get the local people involved,” he said, explaining that many times local bids may not always come in at the lowest price, but they will be high quality.

He said out-of-town contractors selected for major jobs in the county often times use out-of-town suppliers for their building materials as well. So, anything that can be done to encourage local bids has a ripple effect into other local businesses.

A letter was sent to area contractors and suppliers in February informing them of the new group.

PCDC Prosperity Project II investors automatically receive free membership in the bureau. Non-investors may join the group for an annual fee of $50, which covers administrative and distribution costs.

PCDC has also joined the Nebraska Chapter of the American Institute of Architects to stay informed on area projects. PCDC will share PCDC Builders Bureau contact information with the architects when they are seeking bids or information on local contractors.

For more information about the PCDC Builders Bureau or to join, contact Ron Tillery at PCDC at (308) 995-4148 or