Free Business Valuations Offered for a Limited Time

26 Oct 2016

An important step in any succession plan is a business valuation, and for a limited time business owners may obtain that for free by working with the Phelps County Development Corporation.

The Nebraska Business Development Center at UNK is offering five free valuations for Phelps County Phelps County that are recommended by PCDC.

PCDC Project Coordinator Alli Donohue said any business owner that is within 10 years of retirement should obtain a business valuation, especially their business is the only business of its kind in the community.

“We don’t want to risk losing important services to the community when a business owner retires,” Donohue said.

Normally, a business valuation would cost $2,500, but the NBDC is offering the service for up to five Phelps County businesses for free.

The valuation report will include the current fair market value of the business, a historical performance analysis, business-to-industry peer comparison, recommendations for performance and value improvements and a future business value demonstrating how the business value may change with improvements.

To be eligible, the business must be referred by PCDC, have a minimum of three full-time employees in addition to the owner and have annual sales between $300,000 and $5 million. Owners will need to complete a simple financial and business history survey, including the past three years of performance.

The projects are confidential, and the credentialed valuation reports can be used for business expansion, updating balance sheets with market value and performance or exit planning.

Owners must contact PCDC by November 15 to participate. For more information, contact Alli at PCDC at (308) 995-4148 or email her at