Help Build a Bustling Downtown

26 Oct 2016

Downtown business owners and anyone interested in local downtown revitalization are encouraged to attend a “Downtown After 5” Webinar at 5:30 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 1, at Fourth Avenue Coffee.

According to the webinar organizers Save Your Town, store owners say, “We’ll stay open later when enough people come downtown to make it worth our time.” Customers say, “We’ll come downtown later when enough stores stay open late to make it worth our time.”

The event will share research that shows what time most people shop and how to best target shoppers at different times of the day. It will include event ideas and examples from real small towns.

“Being open evening hours is not just extending our hours,” event organizers said. “It is more like opening a whole different store with different customers. There are methods that can be used to loosen the pocket books, make sales and also have a fun time.”

PCDC Project Coordinator Alli Donohue said this webinar is part of PCDC’s strategy to build collaboration among downtown business owners to continue revitalization efforts.

Although downtown revitalization isn’t one of PCDC’s top priorities, it is still an important part of economic development because it’s highly visible to the public. The downtown appearance can shape one’s perception of the entire town.

Donohue said PCDC will be forming a downtown advisory board to encourage business owners to work together and to serve as a sounding board to let PCDC know how it can best use any financial resources to improve the downtown.

Some ideas already suggested include grants to provide paint or to replace windows or awnings in downtown buildings. PCDC has identified 72 boarded-up windows in the downtown area.

For more information, contact Alli at PCDC or visit SaveYour.Town.