How to Start a Business: Step-By-Step Local Guide Available

4 Oct 2016

The entrepreneurial spirit is growing in Phelps County, and PCDC is a great first stop for anyone exploring the steps involved in starting a new business.

PCDC Project Coordinator Alli Donohue said in the last two months, she has fielded five inquiries from entrepreneurs seeking advice and assistance in starting a new business. That is quite a bit more than the one call she usually receives every few months.

Although she’s not sure what has spurred the recent increased interest in starting a business, Donohue said she is happy to help. And, PCDC is the best place for local entrepreneurs to start because they can discover what local resources are available.

Donohue has developed a step-by-step guide that is available on the PCDC website by clicking the following link:

The guide lists resources and links that walk a potential business owner through the steps involved in starting a business.

Step 1 involves choosing a business structure, registering a business name, doing market research, creating a business plan and meeting with a financial planner. Each step lists local and statewide resources for help in accomplishing those steps.

Step 2 involves securing financing, finding a location, creating a website and advertising plans, hiring workers and fulfilling tax responsibilities.

Step 3 involves finding support, including from PCDC’s monthly Business in Motion network and other local and statewide resources. Networking can make the difference between success and mediocre business.

This section even includes a list of local CPAs and financial planners.

For a confidential meeting with Donohue about how PCDC can help launch a business, please call her at (308) 995-4148, email her at, or just swing by the office!