A Friendly Neighbor

6 Jun 2016

Just like being the new kid in school requires a few friends to make life easy, having a friendly neighbor next to your new or expanding businesses’ new home is essential.

With a list of benefits that range from local railway and highway access to a reliable and skilled workforce, the Iron Horse Business and Industry Park is the best place in Phelps County for new and expanding businesses. Right next door is Allmand Brothers, a Briggs & Stratton company. The business is dedicated to the community and to making construction sites brighter, warmer, and safer.

For more information on Phelps County Development Corporation and how we can help you (http://phelpscountyne.com/phelps/properties/available-sites), or your portential neighbors (http://www.allmand.com/home.aspx), be sure to visit each of the above websites.