Shape the Future of Local & State Business Programs By Taking 6-Minute Survey

22 Mar 2016

Business owners, service providers and lenders in rural Nebraska are encouraged to take a few minutes to complete the 2016 statewide small business needs assessment sponsored by the Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP).


Answers to the survey provide critical information to REAP and to statewide agencies and local development corporations on the best way to support small or large businesses in the future.


This is the fifth year that the biennial survey has been conducted, and it has provided feedback that has resulted in new classes and special business programs from REAP and other organizations.


Dena Beck, senior project leader for REAP, said past survey responses resulted in a new bookkeeping training offered by REAP. The last survey also revealed that manufacturers were interested in succession plans, so she shared that information with agencies who could help.


In addition to gaining insight on business needs, the survey also sheds light on what lenders are thinking.


“What business owners think they need and what bankers need are sometimes two separate things,” she said.


The survey, which takes about 6 minutes to complete, is available until March 31. Statewide results will be available in the fall.


Beck said that after the statewide results are available, she can narrow the results down by region so that organizations like the Phelps County Development Corporation can gain insight into business needs in the county. Survey results will help PCDC and other agencies shape future programming and services.


Nearly 500 respondents participated in the 2014 survey. To share you frank and honest opinion, please click here.