Financial Assistance for Local Businesses

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GO! Business Programs

Business & Franchise Development Program

  • Reimbursement grant for costs of facility build-out, remodeling, equipment, initial rent or deposits up to $5,000
  • Grant for demolition, landfill, and permitting fees up to $1,000 government agencies
  • Grant for initial inventory up to $1,000
  • Grant for digital, electronic, and online support up to $1,000
  • Research and site selection services in conjunction with the franchisor at no cost
  • Low-interest gap financing not to exceed 50% of the total amount borrowed
  • Click here for Guidelines & Application

Steps to Start Up Program

Low interest loans are available for clients who complete the Steps to Start Up Program through PCDC.

Building Exterior Impact Grant

  • Up to $1,000 matching grant to improve exterior appearance and branding of buildings.
  • Limited funds are available and may be applied to projects that are impactful within corporate boundaries of any Phelps County municipality, or in other strategically important location at the staff's discretion.
  • Grants are for materials and professionally performed labor.
  • Click here for Guidelines & Application

Gap Financing Loans


PCDC can sometimes take the risk that a bank cannot to supplement the financing needed for a business to expand, start up or, or transition. Gap Financing is defined as the difference between the cost of a project and the combination of money available from the owner and the bank.

Project cost - Owner’s Equity - Bank Financing = Gap

Gap Financing Loans may be used for:

  • Low interest short-term loans (1 – 3 years) to help existing businesses expand their customer base, inventory or to improve operations.
  • Long-term gap financing loans to facilitate ownership transition of existing businesses. (loan percentage is subject to adjustment based on market conditions.)
  • Funds may be used for equipment, improvements, or purchase of a business.
  • PCDC funds will not exceed 50% of the total capital costs.
  • Funds may not be used for working capital.

To apply for a PCDC loan, click here to download an Application.

Rural Enterprise Assistance Project - REAP Loans

Loans for small businesses are available through the Center for Rural Affairs.

Contact Becky Parker, Loan Specialist - Central Region
Ph: (308) 534-3508


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