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Tom Nutt



  • 308-991-9625 Primary Number

Tom Nutt has served on the Phelps County Board of Commissioners since 2010 and is the current Chairman for the Phelps County Board of Commissioners. Tom also serves on the Phelps County Development Corporation’s (PCDC) Board of Directors. 

Tom and his wife have lived in Phelps County since 1971. Tom worked as a Sergeant on the Nebraska State Patrol 26 years before later taking the job as Sheriff for Phelps County and his wife worked as a charge nurse for Phelps Memorial Hospital. Now both retired, Tom thoroughly enjoys living in Phelps County calling it a “very friendly and safe community to live in.” Tom believes in Phelps County’s economic development efforts and supports its development as a caring, hard-working, business-oriented county. It is his hope to see local businesses and housing opportunities increase through the economic development work that the PCDC is doing.

Chairman, Phelps County Commissioners;

Board Member since 2012;

PCDC Builders Bureau Committee Co-Chairman;

Special Task Force: 2020 Census Chairman

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