Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides vision, direction, and leadership for the Phelps County Development Corporation. The board is composed of no more than 12 individuals that passionately support the growth of the Phelps County economy and are financially committed through Prosperity Project.

While ex-officio members do not have a vote, they are provided with all other privileges afforded to board members: Bob Rager (City of Holdrege), Janice Ludeke (Village of Atlanta), Matthew Gregg (Village of Bertrand), and Denise Laird (Village of Funk).

2019 Plan of Work, Update

Ron Tillery
Executive Director


Ron has been with the Phelps County Development Corporation since May, 2016. He is the primary contact for companies considering south central Nebraska as a new home or additional location. While recruiting new businesses to Phelps County is one of his most visible roles, he i...

Carley Bruning
Director of Business Services


Carley Bruning has been with Phelps County Development Corporation since July, 2017. In her role, she administers the new GO! programs, works with local and regional educators and guidance counselors; administers the high-demand jobs scholarship program; engages with employers to develop programs to recruit, develop an...

Stacy Pafford
Director of Administrative Services


Stacy is the glue that holds the PCDC organization together. If you are unable to identify the staff member that can help you with your questions, Stacy can. More importantly, your message will get to the right person at the right time.

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