Financial Assitance for Local Businesses

Always start with your local banker!

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GO! Business Programs

Steps to Start Up Program Click Here

Next Steps Loan Program

  • Zero to 2% short-term loans (1 – 3 years) to help existing businesses expand their customer base, inventory or to improve operations.
  • Staff will work with projects to identify needs and measurement criteria.

Building Improvement Program

  • Low interest loans for significant commerical building renovation projects, including windows, sidewalks, parking or other exterior improvements.
  • Building must be owner-occupied and intended for business use.
  • Interest rate established at a lower rate.
  • Projects will have applied for USDA Energy Efficiency Grant prior to application for Owner-Occupied Building Improvement program.

Legacy Loan Program

  • Long-term gap financing loans to facilitate ownership transition of existing businesses. (loan percentage is subject to adjustment based on market conditions.)
  • Funds may be used for equipment, improvements, or purchase of a business.
  • PCDC funds will not exceed 50% of the total capital costs.
  • Funds may not be used for working capital. 

Gap Financing Loans

PCDC can sometimes take the risk that a bank cannot to supplement the financing needed for a business to expand, start up or, or transition. Gap Financing is defined as the difference between the cost of a project and the combination of money available from the owner and the bank. 

Project cost - Owner’s Equity - Bank Financing = Gap

To apply for a PCDC loan, click here to download an Application.

Rural Entrepeurs Assistance Project - REAP Loans

Loans for small businesses are available through the Center for Rural Affairs.

Contact Dena Beck, Senior Project Leader for the South Central Region
Ph: 308.528.0060


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